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"You Can Tell ME" now available

You Can Tell ME” A Simple Guide to Effective Interviewing written by Jim Leach can be purchased at in paperback or Kindle versions.

While this book is targeted toward law enforcement, it will sharpen the communication skills of anyone who reads it!

Gen. Paul G. Summers

“I returned to my home district from the JAG Corps as a prosecutor and defense counsel in the military. In private practice as a criminal defense counsel in rural Tennessee, I faced a formidable opponent, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Jimmie V. Leach. SA Leach had an indefatigable amount of energy and could not be out-prepared. He was the best investigator I ever opposed in my civilian days as defense counsel. He knew how to get to the truth. Many Tennessee juries figured that out quickly and so did my clients. “

“I later was elected District Attorney General in the same district and had SA Leach sitting at my table before the courts. I was fortunate to have him at my side prosecuting criminals in Tennessee.”

“No one in my thirty-eight years of criminal practice can match Mr. Leach’s professional, pragmatic, tough approach to the investigation of crime. Justice in our state was well served and I am a better lawyer and prosecutor for having him by my side.”

Former Attorney General for the state of Tennessee

General Summers has also served as Justice on the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals and as District Attorney General for the 26thJudicial District in Tennessee and has presided as a Senior Judge for Tennessee.

Deputy Commissioner Charles Thomas Moore

“Many practitioners of our chosen profession have achieved great deeds during the course of their careers. The author of this volume is one such person who also happens to be blessed with the capability of relating the lessons learned during his law enforcement pilgrimage in a succinct and easily understood professional style.”

“During life’s journey I is best to ask directions from one who has been there before you. Mr. Leach knows the way.” Deputy Commissioner Tennessee Department of Safety (Ret.)

DEA Special Agent (Ret.) Buster B. Griggs Jr.

“In You Can Tell Me, Director Leach puts 35 years of cold, hard, investigative experience into one concise volume. This is not just a, “tricks of the trade” manual. It is an exhaustive treatise on the solid methodology Leach has developed for obtaining valuable information from everyone from reluctant witnesses to wary, hardened criminals. You will not find a more thorough, yet easy to read guidebook for the intricate art of conducting interviews. You Can Tell Me should be required reading for all new criminal investigators and an at-hand reference for any law enforcement officer who wants to be successful solving major crimes.”

Special Agent (Ret.) U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Former Class Counselor/Instructor, DEA Academy

Deputy Commissioner (Ret.) Bill R. Thomas

“Director Leach is recognized throughout Tennessee as well as other areas of the nation as a successful criminal investigator and expert interrogator. He is also an accomplished instructor in many facets of police work and communications. His book is a “must read” for any officer who wishes to enhance their interviewing effectiveness.”

Bill R. Thomas served as Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety, Director of the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, and Chief of Police of the Alcoa Tennessee Police Department. He was also Chairman of the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission and President of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, United States Secret Service (Ret.) Michael Barnett

“I have known Jimmie Leach for over 30 years and during that time we have worked together on a umber of criminal investigations resulting in successful prosecutions at both the state and federal levels.l His interviewing skills were always an asset to these investigations and I can attest first hand to the effectiveness of his techniques. In “You Can Tell Me”, Jimmie has been able to condense his years of success at interviewing into a clear, concise, understandable and easy to remember guide that every reader will find beneficial in refining their interviewing skills.”

Commander(Ret.), Jackson Tennessee Police Department Dennis R. Mays

“Conducting effective interrogations and interviews is an art form and Director Leach is an artist of the highest caliber. He has proven himself to be one of the most effective investigators using the tactics and techniques he now shares.

“You Can Tell Me” is full of practical, “nuts and bolts” guidance for the novice and the experienced investigator alike. It’s a must read for anyone who conducts interviews.”

Along with the normal upper management duties, Commander Mays, who is a licensed attorney, also served as the Department’s Legal Advisor . He spent several years as a Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Currently Mr. Mays is the co-owner of Trainer Services Group Inc. and testifies as an expert witness for the Tennessee Municipal League on matters involving the police.


“Director Leach ushered in an era of law enforcement education reform at Tennessee Highway Patrol Criminal Investigation Division which continues today. His ability to see what is on the horizon for law enforcement, and the acumen to help set the stage through training opportunities, prepared THP/CID Agents for an ever changing law enforcement environment, and has been the hallmark of his career. I think that’s what was such a pleasure working for him, he empowered us to do the kinds of investigations we all agree were the right investigations to conduct. I feel honored to have worked for him. I will be honored to continue to be his friend and colleague.”

Associate Security Representative National Football League Special Agent , Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – Retired Special Agent THP/CID – 1989-2002


“Finally, a book that is easy to read and very practical in it’s application. Whether you have been an investigator for years or are just starting out, if you use the concepts represented in this book, people will talk and that is the goal."

Sgt. Stark also served as an instructor at the Memphis Police Department Training Academy.

The author, Jim Leach, formerly served as Director of Criminal Investigations for the Tennessee Highway Patrol. His first book, “You Can Tell ME, a simple guide to effective interviewing”, can be found at

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