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Updated: Aug 17, 2018


On Monday 9/18, the prosecution produced its’ final witnesses before resting at 3:30pm. The testimony included several associates of Zach Adams and each of them told of conversations they had with Adams in which he made incriminating statements concerning the death of Holly Bobo.

Adams’ friend Anthony Phoenix said anytime Hollys’ name came up Zach would get “sketchy and nervous”. Phoenix describes a time when a group of friends were together and Hollys’ disappearance was mentioned. Anthony says Zach became very upset and ran everybody out of the house. Once when the two men were riding around, Adams asked Phoenix if he wanted to go rape someone. On another occasion Adams told Phoenix, “I couldn’t have picked a prettier b—-.” and “it was fun.” Jason Autry quoted Adams using exactly the same words when he was describing what he had done to Holly.

Another friend, Jamie Darnell testified Adams showed him a knife and Adams told Darnell, “If you knew what that knife had done, he probably wouldn’t want to hold it.” It could be that a knife wound is what caused Holly to bleed. Autry said he saw blood on the blanket Holly was wrapped in and also saw some blood on Adams truck.

Carl Stateler said he once heard Adams threaten a bartender by saying, “I’ll do you like I did Holley Bobo”. He also testified Adams told him, “I let Shayne hit it” and Darnell assumed he was talking about Holly.

There was also testimony from people who had been in jail with Zach Adams.

Adams saw Corey Rivers reading a Bible and began asking Rivers questions about forgiveness. Adams said he was in jail because of the disappearance of Holly Bobo and he was “there for the worst of it.” He also told Rivers there was a video in relation to Hollys’ death and it was “right under the nose” of investigators working on the case.

Chris Swift testified Zach asked him if he thought God would forgive him for killing Holly Bobo.

Shawn Cooper said Adams asked him to tell Dylan Adams if he (Dylan) didn’t keep quiet about Hollys’ disappearance, he (Zach) would put Dylan “in the hole beside her.” Another inmate, Jason Kirk, said he overheard this conversation.

Testimony was given by Decatur County dispatcher John Maxwell. He said on the night Holly disappeared, Zach Adams’ grandfather called the dispatch center 3 times saying Zach was messed up on drugs and trying to get his brothers’ keys. Prior testimony would indicate Zach Adams might have needed transportation because he had hidden his truck at Victor Dinsmores’ place. Police responded after the third call but no arrests were made.

The state called Terry Britt to the witness stand. Britt is a convicted rapist and was thoroughly investigated as a suspect in the disappearance of Holly Bobo. At one point Britts’ phone was tapped and his house was bugged. Britt denied having anything to do with the disappearance and murder of Holly. TBI officials say Britt was cleared of having any involvement in the case.

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