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'You Can Tell ME'

A simple guide for anyone who needs to interview people as part of their job.

Comments from associates:

“Leach was the best investigator I ever opposed in my days as defense counsel.  I later was elected District Attorney General and had Leach sitting at my table before the courts. I was fortunate to have him at my side prosecuting criminals in Tennessee. No one in my thirty-eight years of criminal practice can match Mr. Leach’s professional, pragmatic, tough approach to the investigation of crime.” Gen. Paul G. Summers - Former Attorney General for the state of Tennessee 

"The author is blessed with the capability of relating the lessons learned during his law enforcement pilgrimage in a succinct and easily understood professional style."  Charles Thomas Moore - Deputy Commissioner Tennessee Department of Safety (Ret.)

"You Can Tell Me should be required reading for all new criminal investigators and an at-hand reference for any law enforcement officer who wants to be successful solving major crimes." Buster B. Griggs Jr. - DEA Special Agent

“Finally, a book that is easy to read and very practical in its application. Whether you have been an investigator for years or are just starting, if you use the concepts represented in this book, people will talk and that is the goal.“ Sgt. Joe Stark - Memphis PD Homicide Detective & instructor at the Memphis Police Department Training Academy

'Not in our house'

A new reference manual from author, trainer, and analyst Jim Leach, providing company, group, and organizations with practical solutions to prevent workplace violence of all types and follow ups necessary to reduce liability and improve operational status in all areas.

'Simply Safer'

A new guide-book from author, trainer, and analyst Jim Leach, providing individuals and families with easy to understand, easy to apply tactics and habits that will help ensure you are...simply safer. A must have for all families.

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